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El Wood


El Wood is a certified Intimacy Coordinator for TV and Film based in London UK. El trained with Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC) in New York, world experts in the field of Intimacy Coordination and Direction.


El is represented by leading agency Sara Putt Associates and El's credits include BAFTA nominated and Cannes award winning film as well as productions for Netflix, Disney+,Hulu, Lionsgate, BBC and Channel 4. 

El has taken many specialist courses and offers support in all areas of intimacy and nudity - not just limited to sexual Intimacy. El is passionate about responsible and authentic storytelling and strives to contribute to a more inclusive representation of intimacy. El is also a mental health first aider and trained in trauma-informed practices which she holds as a focus in her work.

With over a decade of experience working in the entertainment industry in front of and behind the camera, El naturally sits as a mediator between the two, knowing that every individual has a different relationship with Intimacy and should be treated with respect and sensitivity. 

Intimacy Coordinator London
Intimacy Coordinator UK

Intimacy work from 'Teenage Love Forever' directed by Imogen Harrison



Recommended Standards and Protocols

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