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Bryn Chainey, Director of Rabbit Trap

El was a joy to work with. As a director doing his first ever intimate scenes, I was nervous as hell, but El put me at ease and brought such positivity. She dove deep into our intimate scenes' aesthetic and narrative intent, treating each as a unique opportunity to express character and theme in a language beyond words. From prep to the shoot, she collaborated patiently and enthusiastically with me and the actors to help make the process safe, fun, and rewarding -- which it was. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat.

Imogen Harrison, Director

El brought safety, comfort and openness to the intimate scenes of our shoot with a creative and passionate energy to always serve the story and my vision, whilst ensuring the actors felt nurtured and understood. Having El on board the project allowed us to explore the intimate scenes with the knowledge that it was all within the boundaries agreed by all and it meant that our film was better as a result. El generally just has a beautiful energy and is collaborative and thoughtful whilst still being precise and direct - something which I hugely appreciate. 

Actor requested to not be named

Working with El has been one of my best experiences as an actor - I felt very safe, comfortable and supported in a situation which was, for me, entirely new. Sexually inexperienced both on and off screen, the prospect of multiple intimate scenes was particularly daunting but, as it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. El created an environment where I could be completely open and honest, offering practical and emotional support before, during and after production. In our initial conversations, we broke down each intimate moment in the script, explored my own boundaries and the intimate life of the character. She offered me multiple reference clips and information so that by the time I reached rehearsals, my character choices had been made and we were free to focus on blocking and choreography in a consent-led environment. By the time we were on set and filming, it was all about the performance. I can’t imagine working with a more attentive and sensitive IC. El, thank you so much. This project was a big deal for me and I couldn’t have done it without you.

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