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El Wood holds certification as an Intimacy Coordinator from IDC (New York) and has received training under notable Intimacy Coordinators such as Claire Warden, recognized for her work on productions like "Three Women," "West Side Story," and "Billions," and Marcus Watson, known for his expertise in projects such as "Maestro," "American Horror Story," and "Succession," establishing them as leading figures in the field of Intimacy Coordination and Direction.

In the UK, El received mentorship from Jenefer Odell and provided assistance on Bafta-nominated film "Blue Jean" by Georgia Oakley and the Cannes 2023's Un Certain Regards prize-winning film "How to Have Sex" by Molly Manning Walker.

El's additional training includes Considerations for Kink/BDSM, Trauma-Informed Practices, Staging Power Play, Movement and Laban Studies, Non-consensual Intimacy, How Unaddressed Whiteness Can Cause Harm in Intimacy Work, and Emotional Intelligence. Additionally, El is a qualified Mental Health First Aider, and their Enhanced DBS certificate is available upon request.



SAG-AFTRA specialist training and certification in Intimacy Coordination- Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC)

Creative Industries Safety Passport- BECTU 

Practical Accredited (children's) Regulations Training- Part

Mental Health First Aid- MHFA England


Movement and Laban Studies-Identity School of Acting London 

The Fundamentals of Acting- Identity School of Acting London

Staging Sex: Polyamory, Non-Monogamy, and Playing in Groups- TIE 

Considerations for Kink/BDSM for Intimacy Professionals - IDC 

Intro to BDSM and Kink Class- IPA 

Staging Sex: Power Play- TIE 

Sex Work on Stage and Screen- TIE 

Foundations of Race, Intimacy and Consent- TIE 

Diversity vs. Inclusion vs. Tokenism - IDC 

Considerations for Asian American Pacific Islander Intimacy- IDC 

How Unaddressed Whiteness Can Cause Harm in Intimacy Work - IDC 

Trauma Informed Communication- IDC 

Staging Non-Consensual Intimacy- TIE 

Gender and Sexuality Class- IPA  

Working with Trans and Non-Binary Actors- TIE 

Disability and Intimacy- IPA    

Working with Minors for ICs- IPA 

Emotional Intelligence for Intimacy- IPA 

Staging Outercourse- TIE

Best Practices for Intimacy Foundation- TIE

Sustainable Production- Albert Sustainability Training 


Bystander Intervention- CPD Accredited  

Conflict Management- CPD Accredited                     

Sexual Harassment Training- CPD Accredited 

Unconscious Bias Training- CPD Accredited

Equality and Diversity Training- CPD Accredited 

LGBTQI+ Awareness Training- CPD Accredited

Introduction to Safeguarding Children (Level 1)- CPD Accredited

El Wood, Intimacy Coordinator, London
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